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GCH Aria’s The Quiet Man “Sean”

breeders: Rita Rice & Richard Terry

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CH Sunburst Die Fledermaus Rosalinde “Rosie”

breeder: Garnett Thompson

Bronze GCH Aria Zorya Dark Shadows “Barnabus”

breeders: Rita Rice; Paul & Jessica Nettles

GCH Grand Cru Felix Callejo at Aria, JC “Patrick” 

breeders: Jack and Melanie Steele

owners: Rita & Bryan Rice

GCH Jaraluv Rhapsody in Blue “Rhapsody”

breeders: Ray & Janna Brinlee

owners: Rita & Bryan Rice & Brinlee’s


Scottish Deerhound

Always Remembered (incomplete)

River Oak Knight in White Satin “Errol”

breeder: Patricia Hagen

Grand Cru Lokoya “Lola”

breeders: Jack and Melanie Steele

owners: Rita & Bryan Rice, Shannon Barden, & Clint Livingston

King Charles Spaniels

Briarcreek Aria in Classic Style “Lyra”

breeder: Kelly Raulerson

BISS CH Ayala's Aida de Whisperun (greyhound)

MBIF DC Kyrov Desperado at Aria, RN, MC, LCX, FCh 

MBISS CH Chataqua's Valimir of Kirov, SC

CH Kirov Pyxis of Bartok

Entwood Nickolai Rimsky Korsakov

Aria Plache Ride Shotgun at Zorya 

Aria Zorya The Telltale Heart

DC Old St Andrews d'Lux, MC, LCM (deerhound)

Kona (greyhound)

Nate (greyhound)

Cal (greyhound)

CH Grand Cru Caymus

breeders: Melanie Steele & Rindi Gaudet

owners: Traci Hilbert, Rita Rice, Rindi Gaudet

Aria Wolfridge Israfel "Rafe"

breeder: Bob Wimberg

Aria’s True Grit

September 27, 2003—July 27, 2009 (osteocarcoma)

Aria Svora Lainey, SC

April 9, 2006—

owned by Leslie Walenta

(died from complications of possible spinal embolism-undiagnosed)

Specialty BOW CH Aria’s Funny Girl “Fanny”

breeders: Rita & Bryan Rice

Secret Garden Lux Aeterna

breeder: Mary Richter

Hounds Elsewhere

GCH Aria Planche’ Belle of the Yukon, JC “Bridget”

breeders: Rita & Bryan Rice